It all started early in 2010,  at one of the best vintage car and racing events in Europe, Retromobile, in Paris. As i was there to get one of my comics published in a french vintage car weekly publication, my eyes crossed this unmistakable face of a racer : it was Bob Neyret, himself, going through the alleys of the exhibition. I knew this guy from the internet, googling vintage racing and female drivers. These are probably the best keywords to define Bob Neyret, alongside Citroën DS, for sure.

I ran litterally with my comics in my hand after him and firmly asked him to do my edito. He said what do you mean "comics?" - Bob invited me couple of days later to have lunch with him, tested me on my motorsport culture for a good 2 hours (ugh!), then told me we would do his comics book stories. The rest is now history, and 10 years of incredible respect of what is much much more than a Rallye driver !

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